Thursday, March 15, 2012

Science Fair

How Does Temperature Affect the Bounce of a Basketball?

Which Liquid Causes the Most Tooth Decay?

Does Adding Other Substances to a Bubble Help the Bubble Last Longer? 

Can Your Body Tell Time?

Which Sports Drink Gives Athletes the Best Performance?

Does Music Effect Heart Rate?

Does Artificial Food Coloring Affect a Mouse's Ability to Learn a Maze?

Will Worms Eat My Garbage?

What Type of Water Will Evaporate at the Lowest Temperature?

Can I Desalinate Water to Make it Drinkable?

What is the Best Home Insulator?

What is the Relationship Between BMI and Blood Pressure?

Are Permanent Markers Really Permanent?

What Substance Can Dissolve Ice the Fastest?

Which Brand of Popcorn Pops the Most Kernels?

What Type of Music Affects Plants the Most?