Friday, March 10, 2017

Science Fair

"What Substance Makes A Rose Last The Longest?"

"What Drinks Stain Your Teeth The Most?"

"How Much Glucose Is In Candy?"

"How Does Static Electricity Affect Objects?"

"How Does Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion Work?"

"Can You Rustproof A Nail Using Household Items?"

"How Does Velocity Affect Voltage Output?"

"How Accurate Is The 5 Second Rule?"

"Does Weight Effect Speed?"

"Electrolytes In Everyday Drinks Vs. Sports Drinks"

"How Accurate Are Galvanometers?"

"What Drink Stains Your Teeth The Most?"

"How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect You?"

"Why Do Some Fruits Float and Others Sink?"

"Does Diet Affect Body Temperature?"

"Will Extreme Alterations In Temperature Alter The Strength Of A Magnet?"

"Does Temperature Affect Conductivity?"

"Why Is Radon Detection Needed?"