Thursday, March 10, 2016

Antioch's Science Fair 2016

How Does Air Pressure Affect Containers?

Can Levitation Occur Due To Magnetism?

Does Your Sense Of Smell Affect Your Sense Of Taste?

How Effective Is A Hydrogen Generator?

What Materials Block WI-FI Signal The Best?

What Is The Effect of Mineral Loss On Bones?

How Accurate Are Sugar Quantities On Nutritional Labels?

How Does Caffeine Effect Your Heart Rate?

How Does Salt Affect The Buoyancy Of Objects In Water?

How Are Crystals Formed?

Does Mint Alter Actual Temperature?

How Does Color Affect The Sun's Ability To Heat Water?

How To Desalinate Saltwater?

Solar Power In Other Countries.

Can The Density Of A Boat Affect How Much Weight It Can Hold?

Does Chewing Gum Help You Concentrate?

Saturated v.s. Unsaturated Fats

What Is The Effect Of An Electromagnet On Algae?