Thursday, April 9, 2015

Antioch's Science Fair 2015

Grades Five & Six

Can A Robot Self-Drive Correctly Using Sensors?

What Is PH Used for?

What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?

Which Fruits Contain The Most Vitamin C?

How Does Water Affect Gelatin?

Can You Swim Faster With A Drag Suit Or A Racing Suit?

Can Cats Be Right Or Left Paw Dominant?

What Is The Most Effective Sunscreen?

How Do Solar Panels Work?

What Causes A Tornado? 

Who Has Better Color Vision Women Or Men?

Does A Bi-plane Or Single Wing Plane Get Better Lift?

Grades Seven & Eight

How Stress Affects The Body?

Does Barometric Pressure Affect The Behavior Of Eels?

Can Water Float On Water?

Can You Create A Solar Powered Heater Using Household Materials?

What Is Plasma?

How Does Speed Positively Correlate Centripetal Force?

Which Fruit Conducts The Most Electricity?

How Does Volcanism Affect The Earth's Crust?

How Do Antacids Work?