Friday, September 27, 2013

Apples and the Letter A.

From the Preschool:
                "This week we introduced the children to the alphabet starting with the letter A.  We had fun with our alphabet action song and learning the new words uppercase and lowercase letters.  We did many activities in our apple theme, including describing them, looking at sizes, weighing them, and we even tried to to balance them on our head ( after reading the story Ten Apples Up on Top).  In our art area we used scissors, glue, and finger paint to make our apple projects.  We ended the  week with apple tasting - red, green, and yellow apples, and made a graph of the results.  Clifford's Big word this week is "Pip".  If you ask your child what it means, they should be able to tell you (it has to do with apples)!  Next week we will be continuing the letter A and learning more about Autumn."