Friday, February 7, 2014

Antioch Artists

Last year, Ms. Carter's students in grades 3 - 7 participated in an art contest sponsored by Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.  Stellwagen Bank is New England's only marine sanctuary located between Cape Ann and Cape Cod, about 25 miles off the coast of Boston.  The contest was entitled 'Amazing Ocean Creatures of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary'. The contest received 726 entries from all over the country and 5 Antioch art students were recognized as having outstanding works of art.  Judges included professional artists, graphic designers, marine scientists, exhibit and public outreach specialists, government officials and other individuals familiar with sanctuary species. The winning artwork has been posted on the sanctuary website, and is currently on tour. 

North Atlantic Right Whale by Xander Schenck

Harbor Seal by Sophie Wood

North Atlantic Right Whale by Jack Viveiros

White Shark, Harbor Seal and Dolphins by
 Harrison Carter, Nathan Upchurch