Thursday, March 14, 2013

Science Fair

What Fruits Make Invisible Ink? 

Can You Rust Proof A Nail?

How Does Soda Effect Our Teeth?

Which Soil Grows Plants the Best?

Do Plants Grow Better Under Sunlight Or Artificial Light?

What Common Material is Best for Soundproofing?

 How Centripetal Force Works and Why the Earth Could Not Exist Without It. 

What Chemical Reactions Do Candy And Soda Have When Combined?

Does the Number of Rubs of Wool on a Balloon Increase or Decrease
 How Long the Static Charge Will Last? 

Will a Solution of Epson Salts Form Stalagmites and Stalactite Crystals?

Does Color Effect Taste?

What Household Items Best Conduct Electricity?

How to Make A Home Made Battery Out Of Coins?

How Does Calcium Affect Your Bones?

What Would Happen If Earths Magnetic Field Disappeared?

Which is a More Effective Material for Absorbing and Transferring Heat in a Hot
 Water Solar Panel, Plastic Pipes, or Copper Pipes?

Resistivity:  What Conducts Electricity the Best?